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Workers Compensation can be a complicated field to navigate. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of pages of policies and procedures in your workplace that must be followed daily. And, after an injury at the workplace, understanding the Workers Compensation policies and procedures becomes overwhelming for many.

A lawyer specializing in Workers Compensation policies and procedures can help you navigate the complicated legal landscape of workers compensation. From filing affidavits to negotiating with your employer’s legal counsel, a qualified and experienced attorney answers any questions you may have and clear the pathway to a smooth trial or settlement process.

Understanding Workers Compensation policies and procedures clarifies the procedures to follow as an injured employee. An attorney can help you understand the language from a legal perspective. Moreover, our specialists ensure you know what these regulations mean in respect to your legal rights and potential for financial compensation.

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Understanding the Workers Comp Rules and How They Apply to You

Workers Compensation policies outline how injured workers are entitled to be financial compensated. Depending on the specific policy, there may be specified maximums or minimum amounts for particular injuries or incidents. Settlements may be set dollar amounts or percentages. For instance, if you miss work, you may be entitled to a certain percentage of your regular salary for the period you are unable to work.

Similarly, workers compensation policies and procedures often outline the time intervals at which forms must be completed and paperwork must be filed. For example, there is usually a specified time wherein the employee is required to notify the employer that they were injured. There may also be a specific entity to inform of any incident, or near miss, the extent of any injuries, the first aid that was provided, and any measures that were taken to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring.

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