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Navigating Workers Comp Insurance can vary based on numerous factors surrounding the incident and can become a convoluted process. It is essential to seek legal aid promptly after sustaining an injury to ensure you are compensated and advocated for. Choosing to seek legal help avoids any unnecessary debt accumulation, financial stress and rehabilitation costs due to the incident, and allows you to focus on getting healthy.

Workers Comp Insurance

No workplace inspections equal bad news for workers

All across the nation, hard-working individuals right to a safe work environment are being dismissed and neglected. The lack of federal support is apparent as the state of Michigan had only one Occupational Safety Health Administration investigator for every 71,907 workers in 2016.

This statistic puts regulations and frequent workplace inspections in jeopardy and increases the likelihood of an injury occurring. Every workplace no matter the amount of physical labor, heavy machinery involved or contact with chemicals offers the possibility of injury. Out of the 10,919 Birmingham workers, more are finding themselves navigating the complex proceedings of obtaining fair and comfortable compensation.

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Workers Comp

Independently advocating for your legal rights can be a daunting task due to the hurdles of the legal system. The legal professionals on our team will negotiate certain terms of your Workers Comp Insurance that you may have never considered necessary.

The process of recovery and reintegration back into your job requires our experienced foresight and anticipation for a myriad of expenses. This can be an overly complicated process without the assistance of one of our attorneys at The Law Offices of Charters, Tyler, Zack & Shearer, P.C.

We have dedicated our careers to fighting for the rights of employees. Let our team of experienced attorneys fight for you too. Call us today.


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