Work Injury Compensation Insurance in Sterling Heights, MI

Work Injury Compensation Insurance

In 2016, nearly three million non-fatal injuries were reported by private employers. Workers’ Compensation, otherwise known as work injury compensation insurance, is a way for businesses to protect their workers in the event of a work-related injury. They must agree to pay the wages and medical expenses of an employee who has suffered a workplace injury. Any physical or emotional damage related to work may be considered a workplace injury deserving of benefits.

This type of insurance acts a lot like regular health insurance, where money is paid toward a policy that protects the policyholder in case of damage or injury. The difference with work injury compensation insurance is that the employer pays for a policy that specifically protects the people they employ.

How Does Work Injury Compensation Insurance Work?

It works by giving any worker the option to file a claim. After filling out the required paperwork, the claim may then be accepted or denied. This is where the knowledge of The Law Offices of Charters, Tyler, Zack & Shearer, P.C. can help. We fight for those who have been hurt to get the assistance they deserve to recover from an injury.

In the state of Michigan, the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act requires employers to prove they can provide benefits to an injured employee. All companies included in this Act can face serious consequences if they do not provide protection for their employees. Without work injury compensation insurance, not only can companies be sued, but the Workers’ Compensation Agency may also punish them. The Agency may even prevent companies with employees from operating until the problem is fixed.

Why Workers’ Compensation Insurance Makes Workers Feel Safe?

Workers’ Compensation is an important resource for workers to feel safe on the job no matter where they work. Because there are no specific laws requiring businesses to educate workers about compensation, many employees have rights to benefits they are not even aware of.

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