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Work Injury

Having an accident at work doesn’t have to be a financial burden for you or your family. You should not have to worry about your job, your income, your mortgage, family, or your future any longer.

Here at The Law Offices of Charters, Tyler, Zack & Shearer, P. C., we have over 40 years of experience dealing with obtaining just financial compensation for employees. We care about our clients and fight hard to get them the financial compensation they deserve.

After an accident in the workplace, the thought of going through a tough legal battle with your employer or insurance company can be daunting – especially if your financial stability is at risk. You need a competent legal firm at your side to remove the stress and worry.

In the state of Michigan, the laws can be complex and detailed concerning wage replacement benefits, medical care, and rehabilitation of employees who sustain work-related injuries. We can navigate through this process on your behalf, removing the stress and strain of worrying about the intricacies of the law so you can concentrate on healing.

Our experienced attorneys will help you:

1. Establish your weekly benefit rate;
2. Discuss settlement possibilities;
3. Ensure your being paid the correct compensation rate; and
4. Obtain a doctor to appear at your employer’s medical evaluation.

Regarding financial compensation, we can help you to avoid settling for less than you deserve and what is required under the law. You need experience, knowledge, and expertise of a seasoned law firm on your side.

Injury case

Let us provide you with the assistance you need to obtain the maximum benefits allowable and ensure your rights are protected.

We have dedicated our careers to fighting for the rights of employees. Let our team of experienced attorneys fight for you too.



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