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Employers and individual managers can consciously or unconsciously discriminate based on race, gender, age, and several other protected statuses in a wide range of situations. Discrimination in hiring, promotion, and work assignments is illegal under various federal and Michigan state laws.

Facts of the Case

Unfortunately, employment discrimination is not rare, and it can be very difficult to prove in court. Generally, an employee must prove that an employer is treating two otherwise identical employees or groups of employees differently based on a protected status. While the employer doesn’t have to have made discriminatory statements for discrimination to be proven, it can be hard to win cases without some sort of statement from the employer that implies discrimination.

It’s also illegal for employers to retaliate or discriminate against employees who have filed Workers’ Compensation claims. Reassignment of employees who have filed for Workers’ Compensation should only be done for valid medical reasons. Transferring an employee to highly undesirable work when other, more suitable work is available may violate federal and Michigan laws.

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Federal and State Law

There are some differences between federal and Michigan law in how discrimination is determined. For example, federal law only covers employers with more than 15 employees, while Michigan law covers employers with at least one employee. There are many more technical details that change between federal and Michigan law and only an experienced employment discrimination attorney can properly process the facts of your case and help you win.

At Charters, Tyler, Zack & Shearer, P. C., we have the specialized knowledge and personalized care necessary to win your employment discrimination case. Whether you’re dealing with discrimination stemming from a Workers’ Compensation claim or an unfair termination due to a disability, we can fight alongside you and get the justice you deserve. We handle all cases with the utmost respect and pride ourselves on our ability to communicate clearly with our clients.



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